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Harry Diplock is a London-based guitarist, regularly playing rhythm and lead in a wide variety of Jazz, Swing and Gypsy Jazz groups.

Born on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, Harry first played guitar at age 13 where he experimented with a variety of genres from funk to hard rock.  His passion for improvisation was confirmed when during a gig with friends, the audience called for an encore,  so they decided to create one on the spot.  This song went on to appear on BBC Introducing.  

After dabbling in improvisation, Harry’s guitar teacher gave him a French compilation CD of gypsy jazz and swing.  The fast-paced rhythm, intricate melodies and infinite possibilities for improvisation sparked Harry’s interest and started a life-long passion.  In 2012, Harry left Devon to study Bsc Musical Instrument Building in London, where he quickly became part of the UK gypsy jazz scene.